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The Quality of Life Program directly addresses the issues of employment, housing, education and healthcare. This program assists those we serve in developing skills, build momentum, along with providing healthcare and counseling. Our goal is to provide opportunities to overcome the disparity of disenfranchisement and sinking helplessness from thousands of disappointments. It offers participants the opportunity to gain skills that help them find and maintain long-term employment, relieving them of the need to rely on charity.


Some participants obtain their GED through a CCS-sponsored education assistance program. They are then free to participate in work readiness training. Others elect to attend Atlanta Technical College to learn a skilled trade. Through the Quality of Life Program, participants are eligible to receive scholarships to defray the cost of tuition.  Those who are challenged with transportation access to get to their classes or sessions receive transportation assistance.




We will collaborate with other community-based organizations. Training for the chronically unemployed/underemployed will be offered, during which participants are enabled to enhance their skills and confidence, becoming employees who contribute to their employers’ business goals. Participants learn positive work habits and receive soft skills training. Upon completion, they receive assistance with obtaining employment. Through additional collaborations, participants have an opportunity to obtain work-appropriate clothing and attend workshops to help them cope with work and/or family stress.

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